Home EP

by Jared Hickman

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"They say home is where the heart is, but my heart's still next to you."


released February 9, 2017

All instrumental and lyrics by Jared Hickman. All recording, mixing, producing, and mastering done by Jared Hickman.



all rights reserved


Jared Hickman Hudson, Michigan

Artist/Producer out of Hudson Michigan.

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Track Name: Give Me A Chance (Live Room)
Tell me when you look at me
Tell me all that you see
Do you see a boy
Or a man inside of me

Tell me when you look at us
Tell me all that you see
Do you see a future
Do you see her with me

I'll be there for her
I'll be by her side
I will hold her tight
Even through the dead of night

Give me a time
Let me make a stance
Allow me to make a moment
Give me a chance
Track Name: Home
I remember holding you tight
You said everything felt right
Now there is a problem at hand
I had to go home
But there is something wrong
With the way I feel about this place

I miss the feeling of your skin
Just the way you looked and said nothing
Just the look in your eyes that said a million words
But now I'm stuck alone, away
Just thinking all about the way
I'll feel when I'm finally holding you

They say home is where the heart is
But my heart's still next to you
They say home is where you feel safe
Safety for me is kissing your face
Home, home, oh, where I wanna be
Home, home, where I'm holding you
Home, home, oh, can you take me
Home, home, where I'm next to you

I wanna be there when you cry
To tell you it will be alright
I want to tell you I love you
Track Name: You Make Me Smile
I'm not that good at speaking my mind
I wrote this song to put it in line
All that I've been feeling lately
I hope it doesn't come across like the same thing
(That I've been thinking in my mind)

If only I had the words to say
I'd ask it to your face
I'm simply afraid
I put this meaning in this song
In hopes that the point gets along
(But I've been thinking in my mind)

I can see you and me
In a future happily
With our own life
It'd be the best surprise
If one day you said yes
And I saw you in that white dress
Walking down the aisle
Oh, girl you make me smile

Be together always forever there
You make me smile like an idiot
But I don't care
'Cause it's from you
My one true love
I'll be there by your side
Never giving up
Track Name: Separation Is Overdue
every time something bothers you
oh it hurts me too
when the tears run down your cheek
there's no way that I can sleep

I know that you don't mean it babe
but when you cry I feel so lame
because I can't be next to you
this separation is over due

oh baby did you know
I don't function if you don't
seeing you in pain tonight
is the only thing on my mind

when you get misty eyes
sleep is better off gone tonight
all i want is to hold you
this separation is overdue

every time I see you cry
I wanna sing you a lullaby
tell you everything's alright
and hold you 'til morning light

I wanna be there for you
but instead I'm singing this tune
I wanna be holding you
separation is overdue

every time I sing this song
I'm reminded of how long
it's been since I saw you
separation is overdue

baby you're so far away
oh all that I can say
is that I'll see you soon
sweetie hold onto this tune
Track Name: Permanent Love
Oh darling, since the first song
I've been wondering are you singing along
To the words I wrote you
It's seems like now it's been so long
I remember the day we got along
(And I've been thinking)

We've got dreams in line, plans for our future
Baby girl, I just wanna treat you
The way you deserve
The Lord gave us love, there's no doubt about that
Wanna lift us up, never looking back
(And I've been thinking)

I want love like the ink in the needle in my skin
On the tattoo it's so permanent
Oh I want, I want permanent love

Wanna see us grow, worshipping together
Love one another, be there for each other
Oh, I want permanent love

Like the tattoos on my skin I'm never leaving
Forever by your side, through the toughest times
I promise you this I'll give you something more than kiss
Permanent love I'm never giving up
I will never stop til my heart gives up on me
I'm love you forever
Track Name: Tears Like Stars
sitting alone on your living room floor
refusing for me to walk out that door
tonight, oh tonight

you grab my arm you say please stay
oh baby I gotta go maybe another day

I just left now you're calling my phone
telling me oh I want you home

I wish I could stay but I gotta leave
I'd rather be with you oh trust me
I'm gonna miss you

Even if you and I cry more tears
than there are stars in the sky
we will remember this night as the night
I looked into your eyes
and I said goodbye

You've shown me true love
you've even given up
time to spend with me
forever you will be

wrapped in my arms
to have and to hold
until death do us part
girl I've got your heart

You know what makes me happy
baby when you smile
when something makes you laugh
but instead of that

I've got to go away
there's nothing I can say
other than I love you
baby hold onto this tune